Wet Vs Dry Vinyl Application

If you’re installing vinyl on your vehicle’s roof, you’ll need to know the differences between wet and dry application. Dry application is easier because it allows you to easily remove any excess fluid. But wet application may cause some problems. Certain types of application fluids can react with the vinyl adhesive, so you have to choose carefully

Most manufacturers and professionals recommend using the wet application method, because it saves time and money. However, not every graphic installer is qualified to apply the film in this way. Wet vinyl installation requires the use of a wetting fluid to position the film, while dry application depends on the installer’s skills taraftarium24.

If you’re using a wet application method, you’ll have to clean and burnish your surface before applying the vinyl image. Misting will help the vinyl image adhere to the surface. Be sure to use just enough fluid, as too much can make the graphics prematurely release from the tape. It’s important to wear rubber boots when applying vinyl, to protect your feet from the fluid

Wet application techniques are popular with Silhouette users, because they work well on nonporous surfaces. However, they are prone to bubbles because the vinyl cannot trap water or air. In addition, using the wet method is less expensive and is easier to apply on surfaces that are difficult to clean


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