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Video slot machines were first invented in the 1970s. They were developed by Fortune Coin Co., a company based in California. The company’s prototype used a modified Sony Trinitron color receiver and logic boards, and it was mounted into a show-ready slot machine cabinet. It was approved by the Nevada State Gaming Commission and soon became a hit in casinos on the Las Vegas Strip and downtown.

In the United States, Fortune Coin introduced the Fortune Coin video slot, which was the first video slot. The following year, Si Redd began promoting the SIRCOMA video poker game, which later became International Game Technology. The company later developed the Bally Game Maker, which was the first video slot machine to be installed in a casino. It featured multiple games on a single unit, including video poker, video blackjack, and video slots. The video slot games soon gained a huge following, despite being relatively rare at the time.

Video slots, are based on the original slot machine concept. The first machine was invented in 1887 by Charles Fey, a car mechanic in San Francisco. It featured three reels, five symbols, and a payout method that was automatic. This machine revolutionized the gambling industry and helped to make casinos more appealing.

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