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If you’re watching Love Island right now, you may be wondering how the week’s events unfolded. It was another exciting episode, with some dramatic moments and some big tiffs. On the Love Island 2022 episode, we saw the parents of Tasha Ghouri and Andrew Le Page visit the villa. Tasha’s father asked Andrew about his relationship with Coco Lodge, and Andrew’s dad welcomed him to his family.

Liam left the show after five days in the villa, and the episode is considered one of the most infamous in show history. He was voted bookies’ favourite, but ended up walking out on the final night. This pushed the bookies’ favourite, Ekin-Su, to the bottom of the leaderboard. She signalled to Jay Younger to meet her on the terrace, and then slinky crawled towards him. wotpost

As the episode concluded, there were plenty of new islanders on the show. Korey, Jeremy, and Florita are now in a love triangle, and the other newcomers are trying to decide who they’d like to pair with. Last night’s episode was jam-packed with fresh faces, voting results, dates, and drama starwikibio .

Another big night featured two couples discussing their wedding plans. Tasha Ghouri and Andrew Le Page talked about their future. The remaining contestants then took part in a villa sports day. The red team, led by Gemma Owen, included Ekin-Su Culculoglu and Tasha Ghouri, while the blue team was led by Luca Bish. The two teams then fought it out in a three-legged race and the egg and spoon race. Eventually, the red team won.

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